Ten top tips to help study for your CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) state examination and qualification

Job prospects for nursing assistants are very bright. However, people need to be fully prepared in order to pass the necessary certification examinations to meet employment requirements. Unfortunately, some students do not know how to study for their CNA state examinations and qualifications effectively.

Top 10 tips to help you study for your CNA examination

We’ve compile ten of the top tips that you could use in order to help you study effectively for your CNA state examinations and qualification. These tips can be the main difference between obtaining a CNA job or spending time taking the exams again.

1. Make a Study Schedule

This may sound very obvious, but creating a simple study schedule for when an individual will study can help boost their exam preparation. Scheduling an hour or two per day can make a huge difference. In order to implement this effectively, people should write it on their calendars and let their family know. During that period, they should head out to a quiet area of the library, the house or another place where they can be alone for a number to focus on their studies.

2. Form a Study Group

People should also get together with their classmates and establish a study group for the CNA exam. These people can be a great help when sharing notes and recalling materials.

3. Be Creative

Learning does not have to be as boring as monotonous lectures. People should incorporate the lesson with their experiences. Through this, they can obtain firsthand experience of the subject matter and readily remember everything as they take the exam.

4. Take Practice Exams

Practicing with previous CNA exams is the fastest and most thorough way for an individual to prepare for their exam. It gives them a good idea of what the test really looks like. There are a number of CNA practice exams available that use sample questions to help an individual improve their overall test scores.

5. Reread Course Materials

Rereading the certified nursing assistant course material will give students a comprehensive overview of everything that they have studied in the class. When people study this way, every important portion of the CNA exam will be fresh in their minds.

6. Study Up on Infection Control

A major portion of the CNA test involves questioning an individual’s knowledge of proper hand washing, disinfecting and infection control. Because of this, people should know infection control very well in order to pass the CNA exam.

7. Always Practice Caregiving How-To Knowledge

There are a number of specific standards in place regarding patient care that a certified nursing assistant should understand very well. People should study this hard in order to thoroughly grasp every aspect of care giving, mobility techniques, privacy policies and elimination procedures.

8. Memorize Official Client Rights

In order for an individual to effectively study for their CNA test, they should memorize specific client rights. This will help them prepare for all legal and technical questions on the exam. However, students should bear in mind that this may differ depending on what state they are planning to work in and the state CNA exam they sign up for.

9. Obtain a Study Guide

People should also obtain a quality CNA certification study guide to help them with their exam preparation. A top study guide should describe the test format, have solid advice on test taking techniques and other relevant data to help people improve their score.

10. Understand the Exam Format

The CNA exam often consists of hands-on and practical tests on the same day. People need to pass both of these in order to obtain their certification. Students can adequately prepare for the exam by having a thorough understanding of the exam format.

At the same time, it gives them a platform to understand what the exam really looks like. The exam can vary from one state to another. However, the majority of states implement a two-hour, 70 question written exam and practical skills test that lasts a maximum of thirty minutes.

The Bottom Line

Studying for CNA certification can seem to be a very hard task. However, people can pass the exam in a breeze with the right preparation. Using these tips enables an individual to prepare for the exam in a way that suits their personal needs.

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