Ten Characteristics of a Successful CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Student

As a CNA student, you will find that there are many options for employment when your training is complete. From nursing homes and hospitals to doctor’s offices and home care, your choices may seem a little overwhelming at first. However, for these options to be available to you, you first have to succeed in your Certified Nursing Assistant program.

The following are ten characteristics you will find in the most successful CNA students:

  1. Successful CNA students will be willing to learn as much as possible about the medical field. While the educational requirements for a CNA are clearly outlined within the itinerary for the class, you will find that you will do much better if you are the one who has enough curiosity to investigate further.
  2. You must also possess the ability to empathize. Empathy is defined as the ability to identify with the emotions of others. As a CNA, it will be an important aspect in taking care of the needs of others. Along with helping you to do better in your studies, it will help you to understand what your patients need.
  3. CNA students must also be aware of details. Being detail-oriented is what will help you to get to the end of you training and take your career to the next level. The smallest error when you are on the job could be fatal, so it is important that you, as a student, discover that all details are important and must be noticed.
  4. Good communication skills, both written and verbal, is also a prerequisite for CNA students. In the classroom, it will be expected that you are able to read and comprehend written materials, as well as verbally communicate the information you have learned.
  5. Dedication is another characteristic that will help you to succeed when training as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Training can be tedious at times and, if you find that you do not have the dedication required, it will be harder for you to succeed in your class and in your employment.
  6. An optimistic view is also necessary to get through your training. This will also carry on to your choice of employment after training is complete. It is important to know that when you are working in the medical field there is no room for pessimism.
  7. Organization is also a must. In your CNA training, there is a lot of information to learn. Unless you are organized, you will find difficulty in retaining the information.
  8. Strong work ethics is also a necessity for the CNA student. Classes can be long and training on-the-job can be grueling. It will be those with the strong
  9. Motivation is also an important part of your success. Without it, you stand no chance of getting through the training and you will find your opportunities are limited when you lack the drive.
  10. The one characteristic that many students often fail to recognize is the ability to ask for help when needed. This is important in your training and will follow through to whichever employment option they take.

These ten characteristics are crucial for a student to succeed with their Certified Nursing Assistant training. Each one of them will also help you to succeed as an employed CNA.

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