Five top tips to applying successfully for a CNA training course in the USA

Getting into a CNA training course in the USA can be quite challenging. While every Certified Nursing Assistant Program has different requirements, there are some standards that all schools look at. If people are interested in getting into the certified nursing school of their dreams, they have some work to do.

5 top tips to applying for a CNA training course

We’ve put together our top tips that you can follow in order to help you do your best when applying for the best CNA training course you can.

1. Send the Application on Time

Nothing makes someone look less professional than being late. The same thing goes for applications. There are deadlines for applications for a reason. People who are in the admission community sift through literally hundreds or even thousands of applications every year. Nothing makes people stand out in a bad way more than turning their CNA program application in after the deadline.

The application is often marked as having been turned in late, and people who have submitted before the deadline will be selected first. While an individual who has submitted an application late still has a chance to be accepted, that opportunity will be greater if they have turned in their application in early.

2. Complete the Application Legibly, Professionally and Completely

People may not believe this, but some admission departments have received applications that looked as through a second grader had written them. They contain missing information and misspelled words, and the handwriting is sometimes barely legible. Not only does this cast the applicant in a bad light, it might be a part of the CNA program’s admission policy to place those applications on the wait list.

Because of this, applicants should make sure to put their best foot forward. Their application is their first impression with a CNA training school.

3. Gain Experience

Some Certified Nursing Assistant Programs require their students to have previous experience in providing adult care such as working as a home healthcare worker, candy striper or a hospital aide. Because of this, people should obtain some health-related experience if they want to apply to a CNA program.

All else being equal, the students chosen will be the ones who adequately demonstrate initiative and experience. People should bear in mind that experience looks good on the application for a certified nursing assistant program.

4. Let the School Know Who You Are

This is not the time to be shy. People should network with students who are already in the program. They should also go to the CNA chair’s office and introduce themselves. They should make sure to dress professionally and use their smile and best handshake when they go.

After a brief visit, the applicant should write the program chairman a note stating that they are looking forward to starting the CNA program. Stay in the know about what is happening within the program, and they will remember your reputation and name when reviewing applications.

5. Don’t Be Too Patient

An applicant should go back to the CNA chair’s office and speak with the receptionist as the application deadline approaches. Tell them how excited you are to start the program and that you have double checked everything to make sure that your application meets the requirements. This is a great way for people to get their name recognized during the home stretch.

The Bottom Line

CNA slots are often limited. Because of this, people should try their best to make themselves stand out from the rest of the applicants. Following these important steps enables them to have an advantage when program administrators are assessing their credentials.

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