Do you have what it takes to be a CNA ?

Traits of Succeeding as a CNA

Are you capable of pursuing and succeeding in a career as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)? As a CNA, one works in a healthcare facility with a team of professionals. Responsibilities of the job center on a patient’s overall care. Aspects of this occupation to consider include personality traits, work habits, and training.

Personality Traits of a Certified Nurse

Personality traits that CNAs should have include being compassionate, emotionally secure, and performing well under stress. Since CNAs work directly with people who are ill, it is important that they show compassion. A compassionate caregiver fosters a positive relationship with the patient. Because there are times when a CNA sees a patient suffer or even pass away, being emotionally secure is essential. CNAs need to be able to cope with instances of pain or death in patients who they have built a relationship with. Lastly, CNAs have to handle stressful situations well to be successful. Keeping a calm head in emergencies such as a patient choking or not responding is a job requirement.

Work Habits of a Nursing Assistant

There are certain work habits that are important to be a CNA. A CNA must be flexible, have physical strength and stamina, and possess good communication skills. Since most healthcare facilities operate on a twenty-four hour basis, CNAs have to be flexible with their work schedule. Shifts vary according to the facility; however, CNAs might work eight, ten, or twelve hour shifts. Also, they may only work a day shift, night shift, or a shift rotation. Besides flexibility, CNAs must have physical strength and stamina because they are on their feet for hours and often have to lift patients in a variety of situations. Another work habit, having good verbal and written communication skills, helps CNAs work well with the healthcare team, the patient, and the patient’s family.

What to Expect in CNA Training

To be a CNA, one must pass a test to gain certification. In order to take the test, potential CNAs have to take classes, lasting about six weeks, where they are trained on various skills. The trainee is required to learn how to care for patient needs, which range from taking vital signs and logging bowel and bladder frequency, to feeding and bathing a patient. Additional job duties include changing bed linens, combing hair, shaving, performing oral care, and changing a patient’s clothing. Learning how to perform this range of skills is doable for a person who is willing to read and study a CNA training book and practice learned skills in the classroom. These CNA candidates are more likely to pass the certification test that is given at the end of the training course.

Overall, a person who has what is takes to succeed as a CNA has a compassionate personality, appropriate work habits, and the ability to take training classes and pass a certification test. A person who possesses these skills will find being a CNA rewarding and fulfilling.

Additional information can be found at http://pmi.edu/programdetail/nursing-assistant-nurse-aide

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