Solving the Shortage of Nursing Assistants

If you’re researching a change of career and you are looking at training to become a certified nursing assistant, you’ve chosen a profession which has a shortage of qualified practitioners – so although there’s never a guarantee of a job, you’ll be in demand from hospitals and medical centers.

The shortage of nurses in the US has been estimated between 340,000 to over one million nurses.

So why the shortage? Many of the nurses who leave the sector go into management or running a faculty. Many of these experienced administrative nurses are approaching retirement age; but there’s a shortage in the number of nurses for hospitals, specifically within general nursing, teaching and geriatric centers.

Solving the shortage of nurses

One proposed solution is to develop plans for public-private partnerships involving public funds to help develop private faculties and nursing education. Public funding covers a portion of the gap between supply and demand of nurses area.

A second proposal is to use technology to improve teaching; although most nursing education is down to clinical experience, a large part of classroom training can be managed with the latest online teaching methods. May of the schools on this site provide both campus or school-based teaching as well as online distance learning.

Grants and financial aid

An alternative way of increasing the numbers of qualified nurses is to develop partnerships with nursing schools. As a student, a very direct result of these initiatives is the award of grants, loans and scholarships to help you attend courses.


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