5 Career Options If You Study For a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

Once you have graduated from school and have your certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), there are numerous job options in the field for you to consider and pursue. We’ve picked out five of the top job opportunities which will provide you with a job that, while requiring hard work and sometimes long hours, is satisfying and rewarding. Helping others is the primary goal of all Certified Nursing Assistants.

Nursing Home CNA

The nursing home CNA’s job involves long term patient care over months and often years. The primary tasks of a nursing home CNA involve assisting the residents with daily self-care and taking vital signs as well as ensuring their safety and health. Preventing falls and helping patients move in and out of beds and chairs are part of day to day duties in the world of a nursing home CNA.

This job is very different from a hospital CNA’s job in that the patients are residents and require long-term care, thus needing a lot of hands-on daily care assistance. Part of the job requirements for this type of CNA position also include taking and recording vital signs and reporting any changes to the supervising nurse on duty. As a nursing home CNA, the job is sometimes difficult but can also be supremely rewarding.

Hospital CNA

Working as a CNA in a hospital setting requires a variety of skills in providing a wide assortment of services. Hospital CNAs take vital signs, provide assistance with daily care tasks such as bathing, walking, eating as well as helping with some medical procedures under the supervision of the on-duty head nurse.

This job also requires the CNA to observe and monitor patient’s physical, behavioral and mental status throughout each day, reporting the findings to the superior nurse on duty. The patients cared for in a hospital setting typically do not stay for very long, moving on to going home or to a rehab or nursing home facility for further care.

Rehabilitation CNA

As a CNA in a rehabilitation facility, the job is focused on helping patients recover from injury, surgery or illness.

The primary job of a rehab CNA is to assist the therapists that are providing patients with speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other such therapy situations in addition to the usual daily care task assistance.

Assisted Living CNA

Assisted living facilities are those where the residents are striving to keep independence while being close to medical and practical help when they need or want it.

A CNA working in this capacity will be helping the residents do as much as they can for themselves while yet assisting them where it is needed.

Home Health CNA

The CNA who works in a home health situation is responsible for providing the usual help with daily care tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating and the like as well as additional tasks like preparing meals, shopping for food and completing household chores.

The home health CNA works independently while on the shift, reporting to nurses and doctors.


All CNA positions are supervised by nurses and doctors, regardless of the location of the job. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant can be a satisfying career spent helping others who need assistance in a variety of ways. Whichever job you choose, your future career as a CNA is a bright one since the health care industry is active and growing.

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