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certified CNA nurse assistantThis site aims to be the most comprehensive training resource guide for prospective CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) students. You have full access to our resources including lists of accredited schools, advice on classes, student guides, scholarship information, and career outlooks for your future nurses career.

Gaining the CNA qualification will mean that you will be certified to work in a hospital, medical center or clinic in your state and provides you with a rewarding route into healthcare and the medical profession. We’ve written a range of guides to help you find out more about a career as a certified nursing assistant, the job profile, what to expect as a student in a CNA training program, and how to qualify as a certified nurse assistant.

This website is a free source of information and explains how much your course will cost, if it’s worth getting a CNA qualification and how to look for the right financial assistance. Once you’ve got your finances in place, we help you apply for the course of your choice and, to help you find the right school and program, we cover the specializations available when choosing a course, and explain the benefits of selecting one option over another.

find a CNA class

A popular choice for those seeking a career in the healthcare field is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A CNA is a healthcare professional that assists patients with varying healthcare needs. You’ll work closely with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs). In most situations, the CNA is the liaison between the patient and the nurse. It’s the CNA’s duty to pay close attention to the needs of the patients in their care, as often they have more contact with the patient than any other healthcare professional. The ability to prioritize and pay attention to detail is essential.

Working as a nursing assistant means you’ll be looking after patients and managing them through their admission and treatment, making this an essential member of the nursing and healthcare team: so a future career path looks secure!

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If you’re still looking for more information, we aim to provide you with guides to help your research. You can quickly request information about schools in your state offering training programs. Use our guides to find the best, affordable and accredited schools in your state or city. Thanks for visiting!

Schools Offering CNA Training in Your State

We’ve listed schools and colleges providing both online and campus-based tuition. Look at the school listings or find out more about schools in states such as California, Florida and Michigan. Nursing is an essential part of the healthcare and medical profession, both for your colleagues the doctors and surgeons, and equally for the patients. So it’s essential that you choose the training class that’s best for you to help you prepare for the exams and your future career.

Once you’ve chosen your course, in less than three months, you could qualify with a recognized certificate and started to apply for jobs in a hospital or clinic in your city. You can use our listings of schools to find the best State or just enter your zipcode to find schools offering training in your area. If you’re looking for a school in big cities such as San Diego, or a course providing training in Los Angeles, we have it covered!

Training at an Accredited CNA School

As a prospective student, you should carry out research to find out all you can about schools, classes and what they can offer you. To help make this job a bit easier, look at the list of accredited schools offering CNA classes and simply request an information pack from any of the accredited schools on this site – it’s quick and free!

There are plenty of different colleges in almost every State so use our search tool to help you find the right class in your area and request a free information pack from the schools that interest you. It takes two minutes to request a detailed pack that will help you decide if this is the right school for you.

CNA School Information by State

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find a CNA class

Types of Class

To become a CNA you need to gain your certification qualification from a training program. The classes consist of CPR training, Anatomy and Physiology, handling blood and waste products, and other basic duties required of nurses. Clinical hours are also required. In addition to completing the training program, individuals must become licensed in your state in order to become a fully qualified CNA. Becoming a licensed nurses assistant entails passing an examination (read up about what to expect in the test).

Pre-Certification To Enroll

Certain requirements must be met in order to enroll in CNA classes. The most basic requirement is that the student is at least 18 years of age. The applicant must also have a high school diploma, or GED equivalent. Other schools may have extended requirements such as a higher GPA, or they may even require proof of infectious disease vaccinations. For exact details on what is required in a certain state, visit the State Licensing Board prior to enrolling in the course.

What to Look For in a CNA Program

The most important thing to look out for when determining where to go to school is choosing one that is accredited. On this site, we only list accredited school! Schools have to maintain a higher standard of education in order to maintain their accreditation status. One should also make sure that they have the time and motivation to perform at a certain level. More and more schools are requiring a grade of 80 percent or higher on testing materials in order to successfully pass the course.

choosing the courseWhere to Study

Types of School

Accredited schools can come in the form of State University’s or Community Colleges. There are also medical colleges built specifically for the healthcare field, which focus solely on medical careers. One major difference between attending a University or Community college versus attending a specialized school that focuses solely on medical career fields is the fact that you will likely complete your program faster through the specialized school.

Studying Online

In addition to choosing between a State University, Community College, or Specialty School, the option is there to attend on a part-time or a full-time basis. Also, most schools will have a version of the CNA class online for students who like the convenience and flexibility of working on their own schedule. An advantage to attending in a classroom rather than taking classes online, is the hands on learning. In a career as detailed as this, the experience that hands on training can provide is invaluable.

However, for those who have work schedules that do not accommodate attending class physically, then taking the CNA classes online is a suitable option. Either option can lead to a great job opportunity, as the more and more employers are opening up to the fact that online training and degrees can also produce well qualified employees.

Articles to Help with Study and CNA Test

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  5. Five top tips to applying successfully for a CNA course


How Long is a CNA Certification Program?

The length of time if takes to complete a program depends on where one attends and how motivated they are. Most students can complete the courses and become a licensed CNA in as little as 2 weeks. Keep in mind this is a student on an accelerated program, who is attending in a full-time capacity. Those who choose to attend part-time average 12 weeks to complete their training. The average time spent in a training program is about 6 to 8 weeks.

What You Will Learn

As mentioned earlier, hands on experience obtained by training in a classroom setting is invaluable. Hands on training includes:

  • learning how to manually take patient vital signs,
  • how to draw blood,
  • how to perform EKG’s,
  • and how to properly interact with patients when performing duties such as bathing and showering.

You will also spend time with patients who are bedridden to learn how to properly position them throughout your shift to prevent bedsores. Most training programs will include a minimum of 40 clinical hours.

For those passionate about helping others, a career as a CNA is a great way to break into the healthcare field. An individual pursuing this career, must also be a team player, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment. The job is not easy by any means, but most feel it is a rewarding experience.

Salary Expectations for Nursing Assistants

Anyone who is looking to get into the healthcare field, becoming a CNA is a great entry level job to start with. Upon graduating the program and becoming licensed, you can expect to make anywhere from 10 to 18 dollars per hour. The demand for nurses assistants is high, especially with a shortage of nurses. As a result, you’ll find you are taking on more levels of responsibilities and are being compensated for it. The salary range is expected to grow through the year 2018 with the demand. Find out more about salary and job trends and expectations.

Looking for the top 10 states for highest salaries (based on hourly rates)? A recent survey by, found the top ten were:

  1. Alaska
  2. New York
  3. Connecticut
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Hawaii
  6. District of Columbia
  7. Maryland
  8. Delaware
  9. New Hampshire
  10. Nevada


To help you find out more about this great field of nursing in the medical profession, you’ll find a range of specialist articles on this website which help you choose the best value or closest accredited college that provides the best training class so helping you make the right choice for your future career path as a CNA.

This website is a free resource and explains the cost of your course, more about your certification exams, and how best to do well in the application process to get you into the class of your choice. Get started now to find out more about this great career.

Good luck with your studies, your classes and your exams!

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